Episode 25 with Joshua Muggleton


A gentle and intriguing chat with Josh Muggleton, author, psychologist and autistic person, in which we finally get round to discussing his book, Developing Differently, which you can find here: https://uk.jkp.com/products/developing-differently?_pos=2&_sid=6afba3c13&_ss=r


Episode 24 with Lucy Sanctuary


We are joined by therapist, ADHD queen and the naughtiest girl in her school EVER, Lucy Sanctuary. 

Lucy has a website at https://lucysanctuary.com/, and is on Twitter @lucysanctuary 


Episode 23 with Professor Amanda Kirby


We are joined by a legend of neurodiversity advocacy and practice, Prof Amanda Kirby. We talk about her passion for neurodiversity, her response to feeling left out, and much more.

Follow her on Twitter: @profamandakirby

She also runs https://doitprofiler.com/ which you should check out.

Episode 22 with Natasha. Ben and Natasha’s Mum!


Natasha Hickling returns for our final partner's special, with a bonus parent contribution! I think the episode speaks for itself, but do tell Natasha at indigohubADHD if you liked it!


Episode 21 with Nick Francis


Nick, husband of Liz Francis from episode 11, talks to Max about being the only neurotypical in the village, and what neurodiversity has taught him. He's a lovely man, so why don't you tell him so @NickF_1 on the twitter. 

Episode 20 with Elina Halonen, the Square Peg Mind


In the first of our partner specials, Max is joined by Elina Halonen, who is so, so much more than Tane Piper's wife, and can be found at @squarepegmind on twitter.


Episode 19 with Cole, the pirate hater


A great, mind-expanding chat with Cole, who educated us on performance art, farming and the experience of migration, then listened as we waffled on about nonsense. 

Sometimes this podcasting thing is such a joy.

Catch Cole at https://twitter.com/sholacole or https://www.facebook.com/PJcolecreative/


Episode 18 with ’a medical student’


Bit of a different one today but still, one of my favourites. Our guest isn't comfortable being 100% open with his neurodiversity so we have kept him somewhat anonymous. 


Intrigued? You will be!

Episode 17 with Ranjita Dhital


For our post-christmas return we welcome Dr Ranjita Dhital, pharmacist and lecturer in Interdisciplinary health studies. We had a fascinating chat about prejudice, parents and the link between creativity and science.

She also runs an amazing community of neurodiverse people interested in this link, at https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=NEURODIVERSITY

Episode 16 with Ben Davie


We are joined by my one and only brother, Ben Davie, to talk about being unteachable, attaining flow, and climbing mount stupid. 
Listen to find out what I'm on about! 


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