Episode 12 with Ross Watt


We are joined by the inimitable Ross of ADHD hive, and ADHD party. This is probably the most we have laughed on an episode so we hope you enjoy!

Ross's linktree: https://linktr.ee/ADHDnMe

https://www.adhdhive.com/ for more

The book on celebrity Max was burbling about is here: https://g.co/kgs/5QvECU

And if you want to donate to Sally's marathon for ADHDUK: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sally-hobson1


Episode 11 with Liz Francis


We're back! We are joined by the brilliant Liz Francis: mum, wife, TA, and campaigner, who talks about her journey towards understanding autism.

Episode 10 with Andy Rotherham


The amazing Andy Rotherham, speaker, autistic person and guitar wizard, joins us. His amazing story takes in workplace bullying, NHS rejection and the healing power of Marillion. 


Episode 9 with AZ Boin


We welcome AZ Boin, @thetrainer20 on Twitter, to talk about ADHD, hyperfocus, and what helps her through the day. 


Episode 8 with Tane Piper


We're joined by Tane Piper (@tanepiper on Twitter) to talk about ADHD burnout, creativity and inventive gardening! 

Check it out!

Episode 7 with Dan Wide


We are joined by Dan Wide. Is fundraising marketing for nice people? Is bad handwriting a battlefield hazard? And is the mandolin cool? Find out in our new episode!

Episode 6 with Jerry Baker


We are joined by the one and only Jerry Baker, star of Board Game Snobs (@boardgamesnobs). Jerry talked about his unique approach to literacy, his thoughts about labels and managing friendships with neurodiversity- dive in!


Episode 5 with Ian Gent


Ian Gent joins us for a fascinating chat about seeking clarity on neurodiversity, the mess that assessment is, and memorising Le Mans. 

We mention 'right to choose' which applies in the NHS and can speed up assessment processes. Here's how it applies to ADHD: https://adhduk.co.uk/diagnosis-pathways/



Episode 4 with Heather Senz


We are joined by the ADHD muse herself, Heather Senz, to talk about ADHD slime, understanding herself, and her hopes for the next generation of neurodivergents. 

She is @Heather_senz on Twitter.

Episode 3 with Georgia Harper


The thoroughly brilliant Georgia Harper @mindtheflap joins us to talk about autistic inclusion, virtual quizzes and sunflower lanyards. 

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