Episode 5 with Ian Gent


Ian Gent joins us for a fascinating chat about seeking clarity on neurodiversity, the mess that assessment is, and memorising Le Mans. 

We mention 'right to choose' which applies in the NHS and can speed up assessment processes. Here's how it applies to ADHD: https://adhduk.co.uk/diagnosis-pathways/



Episode 4 with Heather Senz


We are joined by the ADHD muse herself, Heather Senz, to talk about ADHD slime, understanding herself, and her hopes for the next generation of neurodivergents. 

She is @Heather_senz on Twitter.

Episode 3 with Georgia Harper


The thoroughly brilliant Georgia Harper @mindtheflap joins us to talk about autistic inclusion, virtual quizzes and sunflower lanyards. 

Episode 2 with Simon Ripley


A fascinating chat with Simon Ripley- father, teacher, ADHDer and all round top bloke. 

Check out the new charity ADHDUK at www.adhduk.co.uk


Episode 1 with Beckie Draper


Our first trip into the world of extraordinary brains! In this episode we talk to Beckie Draper, a physio student with dyslexia, about her struggles and insights into a much misunderstood condition.

Becky is @DraperBeckie on Twitter and her Instagram is beckie_d29

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